Learning the Difference – 008

For me when I started to look at learning and the praxis surrounding it I quickly wanted to move away from “traditional” schooling. Mostly because I challenged myself about what it had added to my life. I questioned if we took out maths and English out what else had it taught me what value had it added. Value is something that schools regularly talk about the “value they added to the students” to almost imply the students couldn’t have done it without them. So from my perspective, I wanted to seek alternative education system or practice. So I listened to the podcast about the Anti – University with Emma Winch which discussed an alternative style of both teaching and learning. Every student is a tutor and visa versa allowing students to teach about subjects they enjoy and are knowledgeable in. This open community of learning and information movement meant that everyone is equal as no one has a position above others.

I also enjoyed what the Anti – University was doing as it wasn’t an institution that had requirements and demands. It was something that could only exist if people would give up both their time and spaces. I think removing the enforced system around students lead to deeper interrogation of ideas and more learning opportunities. 

This led me on to “unschooling” and the theory that students should be allowed to pursue what they are interested in not what is set by an education board. Although the theory sounded good I couldn’t help but notice that it was something that only people in privileged positions could do as you need a parent at home being a teacher and not earning. I also was critical of the interaction the students/children could have with people of the same age and form social bonds and learn how to be social. 

This journey through different educational methods and practices brought me to the conclusion that traditional education has its value it can teach basic information however skills and things we use daily are taught outside of the classroom.


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